Cooling exclusive horse ointment 350g

Cooling exclusive horse ointment 350g

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  • Cooling exclusive horse ointment - Relief of symptoms such as a feeling of heavy legs, fatigue or muscle tone of the limbs, for the regeneration of the skin and skin care with physical activity in athletes.
  • COOLING horse ointment is drawn up according to traditional recipes. Contains a large number of natural herbal extracts prepared in appropriate proportions. It combines the action of hydration gel with a friendly action essential oils and herbal extracts.
  • Application: - the mitigation of such ailments as - the feeling of "heavy legs" - fatigue or muscle tension limbs, - for regeneration of the epidermis and skin care; - after physical exertion athletes, - during prolonged strenuous exercise, - an overall fatigue of the body, - ideal for massage
  • Cooling effect after application and menthol smell is the result of active substances biological.
  • How to use: s used several times a day. Apply appropriate amount of the preparation on the skin (As much as it is able to absorb). Regular use increases the effect of action. Please note: a product intended for outdoor use. Do not use the nose or services

arnica, mint, spruce, thyme, juniper, horse chestnut and rosemary


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