EMOLIUM DERMOCARE barrier cream 40 ml

EMOLIUM DERMOCARE barrier cream 40 ml


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The Emolium barrier cream is a specialized preparation for hypersensitive and irritated skin as well as damaged and cracked skin. It perfectly protects against the influence of external factors, regenerates microtrauma of the epidermis, soothes irritations and prevents the formation of new changes. The hypoallergenic formula of the Barrier Cream was developed in collaboration with dermatologists.

- Quickly and effectively soothes irritations
- creates the so-called a biological glove that protects against the influence of external factors (climate, irritants)
- moisturizes and gently lubricates
- intensively regenerates rough, chapped skin
- has a long-lasting barrier, emollient and protective effect
- stimulates the reconstruction of the epidermis
- protects against recurrence of changes

Care for hypersensitive and irritated, damaged and cracked skin.
Protection of the skin exposed to harmful external factors, such as detergents, chemicals, frost, wind, dry air.

Apply a thin layer of cream on damaged, cracked, irritated skin, spread it gently. Use at least twice a day.

Active substances:
- Fomblin HC / R (2%)
- Tephroline (2%)
- Silicone oil (2%)
- Film-forming polymer (1.5%)
- Canola oil (1.5%)
- Allantoin (1%)

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