SWANSON Garlic Oil Garlic 1500 mg - 500 capsules

SWANSON Garlic Oil Garlic 1500 mg - 500 capsules


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For several thousand years, garlic has been considered one of the most unusual plants. The oldest information about the use of garlic and its cultivation dates back to the Neolithic times and dates back to around 3000 BC. Garlic was and is widespread in the Mediterranean countries and on the Arabian Peninsula. Apart from its taste and preserving qualities, the ancients appreciated its properties.
Currently, garlic also has a large group of supporters, not only because of its taste. Despite the nutritional value, fresh garlic has one disadvantage - it has a very specific taste and smell, which unfortunately scares off many consumers. Garlic owes its specific aroma and taste to allicin, which is also responsible for most of the properties of garlic.
The Garlic Garlic Oil preparation retains the nutritional values ​​characteristic of its natural counterpart.

Garlic is a plant that has been widely known for centuries on virtually all continents. Both fresh and cooked garlic have phytotherapeutic properties. In China, garlic is used both internally (digestive disorders and problems with the digestive tract) and externally (skin inflammation).

Support for the blood and immune system
High concentration of garlic oil

Garlic oil 3g (500: 1 concentrate giving 1500mg of fresh garlic), gelatine as a capsule shell, glycerin, purified water.

1 capsule daily with food.

500 capsules

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