VENESCIN Forte 30tb - Natural Remedy - Horse Chestnut extract - Chronic Venous

VENESCIN Forte 30tb - Natural Remedy - Horse Chestnut extract - Chronic Venous


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Horse-chestnut seed extract contained by the drug has anti-edematous effects and increases venous tone. Application of horse-chestnut extract results in improvement of such symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency as, for example, edemas, pains, pruritus and tenderness. Rutoside decreases permeability of capillary blood vessels and increases their mechanic resistance.


Indications for application
Chronic venous insufficiency of various etiology manifested by edemas, calf muscles’ cramps, pruritus and feeling of heaviness of legs; in case of varicosity (varices) application under physician’s control.


How to use:

Orally, adults: 1 to 2 dragée tablets 3 times a day. The drug should be taken during or after a meal. Do not administer to children.

Do not use Venescin forte in case of hypersensitivity to the drug components.

Observe special care while applying Venescin® forte, because:

Application in case of varices requires physician’s consultation.


Application of Venescin® forte in children: Do not administer to children.

Application of Venescin® forte during pregnancy and breast feeding

No undesired effects after application of horse-chestnut extract have been observed during clinical trials including pregnant women, however, according to general medical practice, the drug should be applied during pregnancy and breast feeding only when, in physician’s opinion, the benefit for mother is greater than potential threat to fetus.


Driving of vehicles and operation of moving mechanisms
No negative influence of the drug of Venescin® forte on the ability to drive vehicles has been found.
Store the drug at the temperature not exceeding 25°C.
Store the drug out of sight and reach of children.


Do not use the drug after expiry date stated on the package.

Composition: Hippocastani seminis extractum siccum + Rutosidum 100 mg + 60 mg dragée tablets

Composition: 1 dragée tablet contains

Active substances:
Hippocastani seminis extractum siccum – 100 mg
Rutosidum – 60 mg


Auxiliary substances:
microcrystalline cellulose (E 460), lactose, sodium salt of amyl glycolane, magnesium stearate (E 470 b), saccharose, talc (E 553 b), Arabic gum (E 414), colophony, castor oil, quinoline yellow (E 104), indigotin (E 132).

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