VIRDE Horse Ointment with Hemp - 250 ml

VIRDE Horse Ointment with Hemp - 250 ml


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Product description:
Warming horse balsam with hemp combines the action of herbs, essential oils and the regenerating properties of hemp extract. It is produced according to a traditional recipe from the highest quality natural raw materials. The most important ingredient of the ointment is hemp extract, which brings quick relief and relaxation. Suitable for skin care around joints, muscles and ligaments. Hemp supports the regenerative effects of horse ointment known for years and increases its effectiveness. The preparation has a warming effect. The warming up effect is a natural symptom of an increase in blood supply and the action of active biological substances

- dysfunctions in the area of ​​joints, muscles and ligaments,
- dysfunctions caused by overexertion or fatigue.

Apply an appropriate amount of the preparation on the skin (as much as it can absorb). If necessary, it can be used several times a day. Regular use increases the effect of the action. In order to enhance the effect of the action, it is recommended to cover the lubricated body parts with clothing or blankets.

The skin's reaction to the preparation depends on its sensitivity. The preparation may cause irritation in people with sensitive skin. Do not use on more than 30% of the skin area. Before full application, a small area test should be performed. The product is intended for external use. Do not use in the area of ​​the nose or mouth.

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